Thanksgiving Happy Hour

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our Thanksgiving Happy Hour for our patients and clients on Wednesday, November 14th at 5:30 pm,  6:30 pm, or 7:15 pm. Join us for wine, food, chair massages with our Massage Therapist JP and pure essential oil...

Suzy Q

Here is Suzy Q supervising Kiki as she increases her range of motion and balance on the red disk. Kiki had a total left ankle replacement in January 2018. Suzy thinks she's doing a great...

 About Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy:

At Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy we like to promote a balanced lifestyle. We encourage this approach with our patients & clients through Pilates and cardio training, strengthening muscles, aligning posture, and increasing flexibility and balance, all to improve the way you feel and function. We also promote a balanced lifestyle through comprehensive organic nutritional system that provides results everyone loves; more energy, restorative sleep with balanced moods, loss of weight & inches, more lean muscle, less body fat, stronger athletic performance & quicker recovery. We, of course, also provide traditional Physical Therapy, incorporating Pilates when appropriate, to help you with your aches/pains, injuries, and post-operative rehabilitation needs to put you back on your feet again, enjoying a fully functional life

Services are provided in a unique setting, nestled under a sprawling oak, in a quiet neighborhood. Our atmosphere is warm and friendly; we are here to serve you and your needs.

Choosing a Physical Therapist 

You have the freedom to choose your own physical therapist. All 50 states and the District of Columbia allow some form of direct access to physical therapist services without a physician’s referral.

Keep in mind, however, that your insurance policy may require a visit to the primary care physician first or may limit your access to preferred providers only.

Your physician may refer you for physical therapy that is to be provided in the physician’s office, or to a facility in which the physician has a financial interest. If this is your situation, be aware that you have the right to choose your own physical therapist and that you are not obligated to receive physical therapy in any specific facility

The sooner you begin therapy the sooner recovery can begin. Having immediate access to a physical therapist can speed up your recovery time, ultimately saving you money.

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Facebook Feed:


I have extensive medical history with back problems and have even had spinal injections. After going to Physical Therapy with Jennifer my back is much better and I’m able to walk 3 miles several times a week again. I also participate in Pilates class 2 times a week. Just recently I flew overseas and Jennifer gave me an exercise program to do on the plane and oh my gosh, it made a world of difference!

Melanie B.

I hurt my mid back while exercising too intensively. I came to see Jennifer and she made my back feel better after cupping and needling and issuing me a home exercise program. I’ve been able to take the freeze off of my gym membership and return to my workouts equipped with better knowledge of body positioning and appropriate resistance and progression.

Daria A.

I’m an anesthesiologist and sit a lot. I am quick to develop hip pain on the outside of both of my hips, so I went to see Jennifer for help. She taught me strengthening exercises for my hips that have helped a lot, and I no longer have hip pain when I work.

Noura A.

I broke my leg falling down the steps on my deck. Through the attention and care of Jennifer’s team, I’m well on my way to recovery. She keeps me motivated and updates my home program weekly.

Ann C.

After a 360 degree spinal infusion I was a bit leery about going to physical therapy. My doctor promised physical therapy would help me, but I was literally afraid to move again. Jennifer discharged me from physical therapy with flying colors and I now enjoy coming to Pilates 2-3 times a week. I’ve never felt better!

Nicole W.

After one session of cupping and dry needling, I slept way better and the dull pain has not returned. I feel like I’m healing.


I came to Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy for back pain and she successfully resolved my back pain. Pilates was part of my physical therapy and now that I’m done with my PT I do Pilates. The instructors at AATB Pilates are so in tune with what I should and should not be doing regarding my back. I recognize every day how much stronger I am and I give credit to the physical therapy and instructors at Jennifer Klein AATB Pilates.

Libby P.

Following significant hip surgery, I had a strong desire to return to my healthy active lifestyle.  Participating in Pilates at AATB Pilates has made that happen for me with Physical Therapists and Instructors educated on my precautions and contraindications.  Thank you!

Linda C.

Since starting Pilates, my flexibility has improved and I am able to get in and out of my husband’s sports car with ease.  I’m not so stiff in the mornings either!

Deborah S.

I have felt so good all evening. I haven’t had any back pain at all! Thank you for seeing me!!

Renee H.

My leg feels pretty good and I was able to do some light stretching and it felt fine. Just one visit made a difference. IMG_4151


After one treatment of dry needling for tight IT Band as seen in photo

Ed F.

Jennifer, thank you so very much for your concern for all your students and for your healing hands. I greatly appreciate your care.

Camille M.

After four visits of Physical Therapy at JKPT, my neck and arm felt better. I could shower and dress without pain following my car accident.

Darnecia P.

Thank-you [Jennifer] for checking in. After one dry-needling and exercise instruction session, I feel the pain much less than before. I find that the at-home exercises helped as well!

Kaci B.

My shoulder is doing great 6 months post op.  Thanks Jennifer for the detailed Home Exercise Program you gave me to follow while traveling for my work.

Ajay M.

After just one session of Cupping and Dry Needling, I ran 3 miles with no IT band pain. Next run is 6 miles on Sunday. I’ll be back tomorrow for another treatment.

Staci P.


After my first dry needling appointment the swelling seemed to go down nicely and it didn’t hurt as much when I stressed it the next day. Looking forward to more sessions!

Glenn D.


Immediate pain and relief after one hour on treatment for pain I was experiencing from tennis elbow.

John A.

Jennifer and all the staff helped me recover from both hip and knee replacements. Not only do they know what they are doing; they are very pleasant. I really enjoyed my PT and now I do group Pilates twice a week. I have returned to hunting, fishing, and playing with my grandchildren with no problem. You’re the BEST!

Russell D.

I’m a runner and biker and was experiencing pain in both of my legs and IT band. I plan to do an Ironman soon. I came to Jennifer for cupping and needling and it was very beneficial. My pain has decreased and I’m excited to get back into my workouts!

Ryan L.

I had a total knee replacement a month ago, and I went to see Jennifer to help me reach my goals; I want to hike the Grand Canyon and Machu Picchu. I’ve been to her for four sessions so far. Her service is personalized, she took videos of me doing my exercises for my own reference, and there is a massage therapist on staff who has been a tremendous help in making my hamstrings feel better.

Paul J.

I work in oil and gas and my neck and shoulders are so tight from the stress and on going computer work. My right arm aches and often times my hand tingles and turns numb. I went to Jennifer for Physical Therapy; she did cupping and needling and gave me exercises that I can do at work. I no longer have pain all day and now enjoy doing Pilates at her studio as well.

Esra V.

I enjoyed physical therapy with Jennifer and the Pilates classes. The staff was great at taking the time to listen to me and answering my questions.

Lynn P.

Pilates at Awesome Abs Total Body with Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy and her staff has been wonderful.  After a L4-L5 SI fusion 9 months ago, I feel taller, stronger and more energetic and in only 3 visits.

Nicole W.

I hurt my shoulder in a car wreck.  After PT with Jennifer, including Pilates exercises, I’m pain free and stronger.  My posture is improved and my core stronger.  I continued with my Pilates practice in group Reformer classes.

Darnecia P.

My back and hip are better. The change in treated area helped too.

Rick K.

After one visit my piriformis is feeling much better. I also woke up with less pain today too.

Anna S.

When I came to Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy I could barely walk because my spine was out of alignment. After about 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks, I was able to take a work required flight without issue.

Tracy L.

Jennifer worked on me utilizing ultrasound, cupping, dry needling, and stretching & strengthening exercises to alleviate what had been a chronic pain situation for me for a number of years. After ten physical therapy visits, my low back and hip pain was gone! The stretching and strengthening component of my treatment included Pilates. This had helped me to fully transition from physical therapy to Pilates group sessions twice a week.

Mark S.

After just three Pilates sessions, I feel like I am filling my lungs up to a greater degree than previously when I contract my muscles.

Jen W.


After one session of dry needling to my back and IT band, I was able to practice martial arts footwork and take a two hour walk- both of which historically cause pain after activity completed.

Kathrine S.


The Dry Needling is helping already – the first thing my husband noticed when I walked in is how much better I am moving!

Sam L.

I am very pleased with our session today and confident, together we will be successful in my rehab.

Peggy B.

I started my rehab today with Jennifer Klein. My knee felt so much better when I left than when I arrived.

Allen L.

Ultra marathoner

Thank you Jennifer for rehabbing my ankle! I most appreciate you’re amazing help in getting me back. Should’ve seen you in the beginning!

Pete L.

I had extensive knee surgery done in Vail, Colorado 13 days ago.  After my first visit at Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy, my knee had more motion and felt better.  I feel very optimistic!

Bill F.

I lost motion in my non-dominant shoulder for no known reason.  I went to Jennifer for Physical Therapy and am not better able to put on my Jax sports coat and reach into my back pocket.  The simple things we appreciate!

Allen L.

After my first cupping and needling procedure to my low back and hips, followed by 15 minutes of specific hip stretching, both my back and hips feel much looser and less painful.  This improvement continued through the next day and the remainder of the week.  I’m finally able to get comfortable at night while sleeping.  This improvement is significant as I suffered injuries due to a car crash that occurred in my late 20’s.  I started Pilates as well and words can’t describe how much better I feel.

Juliet R.

I have very tight back muscles and it is very difficult for me to sit or stand for long periods of time without pain. After my sessions with Jennifer my muscles feel noticeably looser and more relaxed and I could tolerate sitting in work meetings again. She taught me how to strengthen my back and abdominals.

Fong H.

When I first started PT I could hardly bend backwards while standing. I had a pinched nerve in my back. After completing 8 sessions of Physical Therapy with Jennifer I have returned to participating in sports without back pain.

Corey A.

I had a devastating injury to my knee. While I had been attending PT with a large organization, I did some research and found Jennifer. I’m an ex-ballerina and an avid hiker. After my first session, Jennifer gave me the confidence I could return to my prior level of activities as long as I receive the combination of rehab services at the proper intensity for the proper duration. It felt so good to be back on the reformer, and I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come.

Lauren A.

I was Training for a marathon and I pulled my hamstring. I found Jennifer online and she fixed me up with cupping, needling and stretching. I’m glad I found her and I’m so grateful for her accommodating my work hours. And the biggest plus? I still get to participate in the Houston marathon so all my training did not go to waste.

Brian C.

It was easy to schedule my appointment and the staff was great at answering all my questions. On my first appointment of my physical therapy all the staff made me feel like home. I liked the professionalism of Jennifer Klein and her staff and all of them made me feel important. That is a plus for me!

Maria L.

AATB Pilates is a bar above all other studios I’ve tried out. The difference is the attention the staff pays to me while doing Pilates. They watch with a keen eye and provide individual tips not only to me but I noticed to other people in the class. I feel like I get more results because of their attention. I returned to AATB Pilates because the small price difference is worth it to me.

Melisa M.

Physical Therapy with Jennifer at Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy kept me “in the game”.  As a dedicated intramural sports competitor 4-5 times a week, I needed someone to fix my shoulder and elbow pain.  Jennifer and her staff were my answer.  Thank you!

Kaitlin C.

Pilates at Awesome Abs Total Body Pilates has alleviated my back and groin pain which is very important to me as a dedicated equestrian.

Nancy M.

A little Physical Therapy and Pilates went a long way in helping me out of my neck pain.

Jess S.

After one cup session and dry needling session I feel better! Big difference on plantar the next day. Hamstring probably about 90%, shooting to run again!

Claudio R.

After one dry needling session my groin is better and and I’m walking differently. Success!

Nancy M.

Love the staff and ambiance; very relaxing. My arm loosened up a lot today. You gave me a great week!

Will B.

Patient from out of town; Here one week

I had a total shoulder replacement with some neuro complications. After physical therapy I can now bring my fork to my mouth, allowing me to eat dinner in public without embarrassment.

Cindy B.

After one cupping and dry needling session, my shoulder and upper back were pain free; it was like a miracle visit!

Maria S.

After just one visit for Cupping and Dry Needling, how you made my neck and back feel is amazing.

Julie L.


Jennifer and team were great and helped get mobility back in my shoulders as well as getting rid of the pain. Thanks Jennifer!

Barry S.

Jennifer Klein physical therapist is great. I broke my hip. She has been so attentive during my rehab.

Jeff G.

I have tried other physical therapists and no one took better care of me than Jennifer Klein.

Linda W.

After one cupping and needling session and one Pilates class I was actually able to pull my luggage through the airport, take a two-hour flight and enjoy family reunion complete with dancing!  I can’t wait for my next Physical Therapy visit and Pilates class!

Loretta A.

I was walking down a slope and heard something in my foot pop and after that it hurt to bend my foot downward.  I saw Jennifer Klein the same day and after working her magic, my foot felt much better 24 hours later and continues to improve.

John F.

When I started Physical therapy I couldn’t sit or bend over. At the end of my 8th visit I’ve transitioned to Pilates void of any back issues. I couldn’t be happier with my progress!

Tamara R.

I severely strained my quad in a limbo contest. The exercises Jennifer gave me are going well and are getting easier, and my leg is much better! The knee is still bruised and sore, but the swelling is down and my leg is much better.

Erin G.

I had a lot of pain in my neck and upper back. Per the recommendation of my nutritionist, I went to see Jennifer. She taught me several stretches and the pain has noticeably subsided.

James M.

I feel a bit like the walking wounded in my rifled age of 60. Jennifer Klein continues to help me along from shoulder surgeries and knee clean ups, she even put me in touch with a doctor that does PRP that’s relieved my pain from a glute detachment.

John H.

Physical Therapy for lower back pain, Pilates for toning, VO2 Testing for interval heart rate training to improve my cardiovascular status and all 3 Isagenix to lose weight.  You name it, I’ve done it with Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy / AATB Pilates / VO2 Max Houston, and it’s all helped me!  I recommend all these services!

Heidi L.

Following physical therapy and Pilates post my bilateral total knee replacements, I am once again an avid cyclist.

Ed G.

After my workout yesterday and my exercises today my back feels much better. It is dramatically less painful. Thanks guys!

Joe M.

Jennifer is awesome. I walked away from knee surgery thanks to her advice and care. Her intimate knowledge of your body, posture, strengths and weaknesses really gives you an insight on what you need to work on and to improve your overall physical condition. I started Jennifer’s Pilates class after my knee was out of the woods, and have been doing it for a year now. I’ve never looked back.

Alefiya A.

I broke my arm in four places. Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy and Pilates has helped me regain function in my arm and I look forward to playing tennis again.

Patty W.

Thanks, Jennifer, I am really feeling that I am getting a lot out of the physical therapy. I really appreciate the care that you are taking with my rehab. All of my research indicated that physical therapy was a crucial part of the process. I feel like I made the right decision with choosing you versus just a generic physical therapist in my insurance network.

Sherry P.

After my first Dry Needling session with Jennifer, my leg felt way better. The morning after it felt amazing and I am so relieved to not have that pain anymore. I am in awe of your work!

Samantha B.


Today’s session was probably my best yet. You pushed us but it was worth it! I really felt like the work opened my chest and helped me straighten my shoulders. It had been challenging for me to feel comfortable with my posture and it was a struggle to not feel awkward as I walked. Really helped me today. Thanks!

Pat M.

Feeling great!  You healed me!  (Post 1 needling and cupping session.)


I have a diagnosis of Lumbar spondylolisthesis and sacroiliac strain. My doctor referred me to Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy for strengthening of my core and back.  On my first visit, Jennifer took a video of me doing the exercises she had just taught me so I could reference them for home practice.  After one week of practice, my back is feeling better.  I’m so happy!

Leslie B.

I’m doing great!  I haven’t had any problems with my elbow since you treated me.


Softball Player

I’m a runner who likes to run long distances and was experiencing low back pain.  Jennifer treated me with cupping and needling to my SI and hamstring areas.  After one treatment I no longer had back pain.  My hamstring was better too!  In fact, I was able to run 6 miles post treatment!

Caryn H.


My hips haven’t felt this good in a year good in a year!  Mys back is still sore but will follow your directions.  Thanks again and see you next week!


Post-surgical back patient after one cupping/needling session.

My left outer hip and left outer knee began to hurt as I approached my anticipated date to participate in the New York Half Marathon. I sought out care at Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy. After only two sessions of cupping and needling, stretching at therapy and prescribed stretches at home, shoe advice, and a regiment icing program; I was participate and complete the race. Thanks Jennifer!


New York Half Marathon completed after cupping and needling!