Kind Words on Pilates

I’ve been going to AATB Pilates for almost 8 years. Each of their instructors is excellent, knowledgeable, and highly trained. I originally came as a Physical Therapy patient and got hooked after seeing my body transform through the Pilates sessions. The staff is EXCELLENT!

Brenda D.

Jennifer and her staff are very professional as well as fun and friendly. It is very apparent how much Jennifer cares about her clients and their individual needs. She wants to make sure that her clients are getting the best treatment and exercise as possible. I truly enjoy going and look forward to her Pilates classes as well as the other instructors’ classes. I would recommend her for Pilates and Physical Therapy time and time again.

Melissa T.

I fell off the step stool over Christmas holiday with a vase in my hand, and in effort to save the vase I landed on my seat! I stood up and was fine due to my Pilates training my body knows how to protect and support itself even in times of potential harm.

Elena C.

I transitioned from Physical Therapy to Pilates due to a low back injury.  I feel so much better; I have lost significant weight.  I am stronger too!

Connie R.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jennifer and her competent staff. I went to her for PT after a full knee replacement and then continued with her Pilates classes. These sessions have been instrumental in regaining strength and flexibility. I’m now looking forward to hiking with my grandkids and resuming other rigorous activities.

Paul J.

Jennifer and the staff are fantastic! I have experienced great results from the traditional Physical Therapy exercises, dry needling/cupping and Pilates reformer classes for my low back pain. I like the individual and small group setting allowing for better overall understanding of body mechanics.

Christina A.

I’ve taken Pilates classes at other locations and Jennifer’s studio, by far, offers the best classes I’ve ever experienced. I especially love the opportunity to work with different teachers to get a variety of perspectives on this type of exercise. Small class sizes allow teachers to focus on each student’s form and offer suggestions and/or modifications for specific physical limitations or challenges. Superior professionalism with a personal touch. Delighted to have found this place in the heart of the Heights.

Marian S.

AATB Pilates is a bar above all other studios I’ve tried out. The difference is the attention the staff pays to me while doing Pilates. They watch with a keen eye and provide individual tips not only to me but I noticed to other people in the class. I feel like I get more results because of their attention. I returned to AATB Pilates because the small price difference is worth it to me.

Melissa M.

I transitioned from Physical therapy into Pilates for my frozen shoulder; I felt sore all over after my first visit and it was wonderful to realize I was capable of working out again.

Jen C.

The attention to detail, quality, and expertise surpassed my expectations at AATB Pilates!

Jen W.

I look forward to going to my Pilates classes and I’ve never been more motivated than I am now when it comes to exercising. This has been a lifestyle change for me that I feel good about. I recommend everyone to at least try a class and experience the difference this can make in your life. Jennifer has an awesome staff that works with her. She and her staff are there to help you 100% to ensure that you are doing everything properly to get the best benefit. It’s a very professional atmosphere with state-of-the-art equipment. My family has noticed the positive impact that this experience has had in my life.

Darlene W.

I found Jennifer in 2011 after severely straining my back muscles and decided strengthening my core muscles would aid in helping my back problems. I have been a faithful disciple since and have seen wondrous changes in my body.  I have worked with all of Jennifer’s current staff of Pilates gurus and each is extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend you contact them!

Brenda D.

I started Pilates with significant weakness and lack of function in my right arm due to an old injury.  Pilates with Jennifer has turned that around for me.

Jaimie M.

I started seeing Jennifer after a back incident and I can’t stop going! She has improved my strength, flexibility, and knowledge about how to use my muscles to my own best advantage. Not to mention I have toned up and feel fantastic. Everyone at AATB is professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and fun.  If you don’t have a class partner, they’ll make arrangements for you. I can’t recommend them highly enough – give Jennifer a call!

Elena C.

“I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”

– Joseph Pilates, age 86