AATB Pilates is offering online classes!

To join my class go to zoom.com

Zoom code:            639-087-0809

Zoom password:  aatbpilate

Monday’s  11-11:30 am: Pump it up Chisel! Have your light weights & resistive loops ready to go if available but not a requirement.

Wednesday’s  11-11:30 am: Morning Mat Pilates!  Strengthen your core and improve your spinal alignment and posture

You can view segments of class from the tab above labeled, “Videos & Articles plus What’s New”. PM us or send us your email address and we’ll send you a FULL 30 minute workout video.

Access to Physical Therapy

Texans who want Physical Therapy can now access a Physical Therapist without having to first go see a physician, or other healthcare provider.  So you don’t have to wait for an appointment with the physician and pay an office visit with your primary care physician or orthopedist only to be referred to Physical Therapy.  This results in time and financial savings as well as positive outcomes for the patient.


The Path To An Active Lifestyle

Bridging the patient from Physical Therapy to an active lifestyle within that person’s capabilities may be the most challenging step in the public health model, especially for those with chronic conditions. However, the Physical Therapist is the one professional most...

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Geriatric Assessment With a Hip Focus

Hip injuries and pain sustained in older adults are a result of pathology (e.g., osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis), or can result from injuries received after falling (e.g., hip fractures). According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hip...

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Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy & AATB Pilates

Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy & AATB Pilates has been servicing The Heights for 10 years, nestled under a sprawling oak tree on a quiet street. Our bungalow clinic is in front with a nice comfy porch, and a detached Pilates studio built in 2017 in the back. We were the first Physical Therapy clinic in Houston, owned by a Physical Therapist who is also certified in Pilates — and remains so today! The synergy available when the services are offered in conjunction is amazing. We focus on personalized attention, recognizing each individual’s needs, and developing their PT treatment plan or Pilates classes accordingly. 

We Are Open! Squeaky Clean Pilates

Come join us!  Download the Mindbody app, search AATB Pilates, and sign up online for one of our weekly classes or give us a call, text, or email and we’ll handle your scheduling for you. All of our instructors are CERTIFIED in Pilates and offer a wide variety of class content.  We also offer virtual online streaming of Pilates Mat class with a free video available to all paying class participants.

Our new studio was constructed July 2017, and we are proud to offer a lovely space to you.

Please see our Pilates tab for “kind words” and more information on rates, scheduling, and class times.


A Quick Note on Physical Therapy- one patient in the clinic at a time for patient’s comfort until COVID-19 concerns begin to dissipate

Everyone responds differently to Physical Therapy — therefore, one approach does not fit all. We do not apply set protocols to all backs, knees, shoulders, etc, Instead, we identify each patient’s physical deficits and develop a treatment plan to address these deficits. We work closely with you, the patient, to accomplish the best outcomes for you. We do this utilizing traditional and homeopathic treatment approaches. We also incorporate Pilates, utilizing our fully equipped onsite Pilates studio, into your Physical Therapy treatment plan as appropriate. 

As a Physical Therapist, I am considered an essential service. Therefore, I am able to provide Physical Therapy care for any patient in need who can not get their need met. Please do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment.


Your Physical Therapy Provider Preferences are Important!

If our location is convenient to your home or work (we are located between I10 West & 610 North, just 10 minutes from downtown), if you prefer to be seen by the same Physical Therapist each time, or perhaps you would prefer an environment that is less intimidating than the routine medical clinic, something a bit more comfortable and relaxing where not so many patients are being seen at the same time, then please consider calling us! We are known to accommodate busy work schedules and provide a warm environment with personalized attention. You are not required to go to the Physical Therapy clinic affiliated with your physician. Many physician’s have contracts with the large organizations that prefer the physician’s to refer, encourage, or even insist you go to a particular clinic — however, it’s still your choice!


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