Patient Spotlight – David Paul

May 31, 2019 | Blog, Houston Healthy Living Blog, Patient/Pilates Spotlight, Uncategorized

Does this guy look familiar? It’s David Paul, the Chief Meteorologist from KHOU Channel 11! He has been experiencing some calf and hamstring pain for months which is preventing him from participating in his favorite activities: playing soccer, exercising and running. David met Jennifer through the Houston Polo Club; his wife, Miranda, plays polo with Jennifer! David has been receiving cupping, dry needling stretches and started Pilates on his most recent, 3rd visit. After only 3 visits he is already feeling major improvements! He actually returned to the soccer field, which has been months for him, and completed previous workout regimens that include sprinting and cutting drills. Way to go!!!

Take a look at this video of David receiving dry needling:

Stay posted for more Pilates and stretching videos next month!