Pilates and Men

Jul 15, 2015 | Blog, Houston Healthy Living Blog

Many seem to have the wrong perception of Pilates, these classes are not just used by women Pilates are super for men too it allows you to work your entire body. Men often underestimate the Pilates classes until they walk out of their first class drenched in sweat. I have a question for you, are you on the side line right now nursing a running injury or overuse aliment of some type? Well I may have the perfect solution to your problems Pilates specializes in exercising you body without tearing it up. Pilates can improve your over all physique not just the physique of women. Did you know that the art of Pilates was created by a man?

Beginning sports early in your childhood without properly developing core strength men tend to suffer from back pain, instability, and lack of flexibility in your hamstrings and groin as they enter into adulthood. Pilates teaches us how to stabilize our center, by engaging our transverses abdominis properly. It is the critical muscle for supporting movement to the trunk and shoulders, as well as lower body. When it is weak, it increases the stress on the arms and legs which can later lead to long term injuries or complications. When it is strengthen through Pilates, a man can go from his sit down desk/ vehicle job all week to his weekend warrior sports engagements with a lower likelihood of getting injured. This is because Pilates works the body out in the same planes or movements that are demanded by sports. The body awareness developed from Pilates is so different from what you learn in the gym; it teaches you how to move the right muscles to move efficiently throughout the day and during sports.