The Path To An Active Lifestyle

May 20, 2015 | Blog, Houston Healthy Living Blog

Bridging the patient from Physical Therapy to an active lifestyle within that person’s capabilities may be the most challenging step in the public health model, especially for those with chronic conditions. However, the Physical Therapist is the one professional most prepared to design a program and supervise the progress of that program. Physical Therapists create programs that will allow physical activity without risk of injury, but will still be challenging, interesting, and motivating.

Remember that the difference between what Physical Therapists do and what a fitness center does is the monitoring and education, with specific care and concern for the specific client conditions.

Here at Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy, we incorporate Pilates into my Physical Therapy Services. We use the Pilates Reformer which has the ability to perform more than 800 exercises, the choreography is nearly endless, and with the unique resistance provided by the springs, clients of all fitness levels can experience a rewarding workout. We also use smaller props such as elastic loops and foam rollers which are beneficial fitness tools that provide support, a challenging workout, and motivation to a client as well as the ability to create choreography that is fun and interesting.