Attention: Jingle Bell Runners!!

Dec 9, 2015 | Blog, Houston Healthy Living Blog

Jingle Bell Runners,

The time to run while throwing around some holiday cheer is HERE!

Be on the look-out for us at registration pick-up! We have VO2 testing vouchers worth a $25 discount. Be prepared for your next long-distance run with integral information about your aerobic fitness.




The VO2 test is a cardiovascular and respiratory fitness assessment which will identify your VO2 at anaerobic threshold and peak. This test will provide you with your optimal heart rate zones to train within to achieve your goals.

The customized training zones increase your total calories burned which equates to weight loss. It also equates to an increase in lean body mass. This training helps to increase your resting metabolic rate and keep it up longer than any other “steady state” workout where you spend majority of your time in the same heart rate zone. This means you will be burning more calories even when you are resting!

The training zones tell you how long to work out and what heart rate zones to work out in for a specific period of time during each workout. This is designed so you can either follow it alone, without a coach or trainer, as long as you have a heart rate monitor to use, or with your coach or trainer who can incorporate it into the program they have designed for you.