AATB: Awesome Abdominals Total Body Pilates Is Right For You

Jun 3, 2015 | Blog, Houston Healthy Living Blog

Would you like to have stronger shoulders and toner arms for cocktail dresses and sleeveless tops?  How about to lift kids or unload groceries without back pain? Consistent participation in a Pilates program provided by an experienced instructor can address and improve all of the above mentioned.

In our daily routine we do a lot with just our arms, but we often fail to make a connection to our powerhouse.  Participating in a Pilates program helps you learn to increase your awareness and utilization of your abdominals plus, or your core.  Such a connection helps you carry groceries or pick up kids with less difficulty.

 It’s easy to forget about your shoulders and arms when they’re cloaked in sweaters and jackets in the winter, but this is Texas and keeping your upper body in summer shape year-round will do more than help you look great in the occasional cocktail dress.

Through Pilates, you’ll learn to stabilize the shoulder girdle which will help engage your core muscles.  The resistance provided by the springs of the Pilates equipment will cause you to feel a slow burn and build lean muscles instead of bulking up.

 Not only does your shoulder girdle and arms function on proximal stability obtained from the core, but also the health of your back is at the mercy of the stability and strength obtained from your core.  Developing balanced strength between the primary muscles of your back, erector spinea extensors, and the primary muscles of your core, transversus abdominis, pelvic floor, multifidi, and diaphragm, is essential to prevent back pain.  Together these muscles function like a corset or weight belt and act as a stabilizer, protecting you from injury and improving your posture.