Patient Spotlight: Russell D.

Jan 2, 2019 | Blog, Houston Healthy Living Blog, Patient/Pilates Spotlight, Uncategorized

Meet Russell D! He’s a left post total knee replacement with a history of right total hip and knee replacement Dec 2012. The first photo is Russell’s left knee 6 days post op , Dec 5, 2018, and the second photo was taken 6 days later, Dec 11, 2018!
Russell had a late 6 day start on his outpatient PT after surgery. Russell realized his left knee was becoming stiff and swollen while on a wait list for PT at a larger facility. He called Jennifer, who rehabbed his right hip and knee with great results,  to see if she could see him immediately and of course she saw him immediately. Look at the improvement after 6 days of PT twice a day to make up for set back of late start!  Way to go Russell!

Here’s Russell on Dec 22, 2018 doing very well with his Quad Sets and active straight leg raises.  Notice the importance of getting and maintaining full knee extension before lifting leg into the raised position……as well as maintaining the contraction as the leg is lowered with control.